Games, Ranks, and MineTheft!

CashVillan aCREATOR posted Dec 27, 15

Hello there! Welcome to SwingSword’s official website! Here you will be able to create forum threads, chat with friends, contact staff members and much more! Just over a week ago the SwingSword Network was released. It has been a project in the workings for about a year now, were very excited to be at this point! We are looking to bring a innovative server to the minecraft community, as well as build our own community here at SwingSword! 

The games that we currently have are Rust, MineStrike, Agar and BuildIt. Most of these games are still under development so may be down for short periods of time, however everything will be fully completed very soon! You can also expect for the server to be up and down from time to time to updated the fixxed bugs that were not found during the beta testing period. If you do happen to find any bugs then please report them on our forums. In the future, you can expect for there to be many new games added, as well as youtubers coming here to film our awesome gamemodes!

Our network owner and creator, CashVillan has owned many servers in the past and has been able to transfer all donor ranks that were made on the previous servers to the SwingSword Network. If you were a donor on one of these servers but have not received the correct package, then you may speak to one of our staff members in game or on the forums who will help you with the problem that you have. The ranks that SwingSword has are: King and Queen, Prince and Princess, Emperor and Empress and Lord and Lady. All ranks are masculine by default, however you can change this by joining the hub server and editing your profile. Some of you may remember one of the servers that CashVillan once owned called MineTheft. There have been lots of rumours travelling around about what has happened to MineTheft and why it has been closed. Cash has made the decision to shut down MineTheft just before SwingSword was open for beta testing. All of the donor ranks that were on MineTheft have been transferred onto SwingSword, but there are currently no plans to bring MineTheft back. MineTheft was once a great server, attracting large YouTubers and thousands of players. The server was even in the top 20 in the entire world at one stage! Nevertheless, everything great, at some stage must come to an end. MineTheft will be missed, but you can be assured that SwingSword will become just as great and exceed the standards that MineTheft once had.

We will be updating this area with the latest news and announcement often, so make sure to check back here regularly! If you have any questions then you can leave them below or create a forum thread with the information you wish to acquire. We shall make sure that members of the staff team try to answer your queries in the best detail they can. Until next time, we hope you have fun in the SwingSword gamemodes and that you enjoy your time on the network!